Swiss Archaeologists Find 5,000-Year-Old Door

Epoch Times Staff Created: October 20, 2010 Last Updated: November 30, -0001
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A 5,000-year-old door has been unearthed by archaeologists in Switzerland. The discovery was made in Zurich during digging to construct the underground parking lot for Zurich’s Opera House, according to the Associated Press.

The door is very remarkable because of the way the planks were held together," chief archaeologist Niels Bleicher told AP. Bleicher described the door as "solid and elegant." 

Scientist say the door will provide insight into how houses were built at that point in history. Other discoveries made at the site include a dagger originating from Italy, and a piece of a bow and arrow, according to Swiss magazine, Schweiz Magazin.

The opera house is constructing a center for the findings to educate students about the Stone Age.


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