Los Angeles Bans Retail Sale of Puppies, Kittens

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: November 4, 2012 Last Updated: November 5, 2012
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The Los Angeles City Council last week approved an ordinance to ban the retail sale of commercially bred dogs, cats, and rabbits, making Los Angeles the largest city to enact such a measure.

The move is designed to put an end to large, commercial puppy mills that specifically breed dogs, cats, and other pets. Los Angeles pet stores must now get their animals from shelters or rescue groups.

“Not only will this restrict the flow of animals coming into our city from pet mills and backyard breeders, it will help alleviate the pet overpopulation problem in our shelters by providing more opportunities for rescued animals to find homes,” said Elizabeth Oreck, national manager of the Best Friends Animal Society’s puppy mill initiative, in a statement.

Oreck said, “More than 70,000 animals are euthanized in Los Angeles city and county shelters every year—at taxpayer expense.”

The measure mainly targets large breeding operations. It will not affect breeders of purebred animals.

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