The Undersea World of iOS 6 Maps and Google

Apple off course with iOS 6 Maps, Google offers life preserver

By Phil Butler
Epoch Times Contributor
Created: September 27, 2012 Last Updated: October 4, 2012
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iOS 6 Maps App leaves some lost for words and direction

iOS 6 Maps App leaves some lost for words and direction

Talk about your tech blunders, customer complaints over Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app have opened a window (or porthole) for Google Maps to slip in and torpedo the world’s most valuable company. On Tuesday, Google intro’ed the very first ever mapping aspect from beneath the sea. Apple meanwhile, seems to be coming up for air on the geo-location ocean. 

Just as Apple execs acknowledge their flub over the accuracy of their map pins, Google’s more refined map aspects gain still more headway. Apple told New York Times reporter David Pogue:

“We own this; we manage the vendors. This is no one’s issue but ours.”

Meanwhile, back at Google Maps, Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps and Earth posted the news on the Official Google Blog. Google is headed beneath the seven seas to add a more complete road map (seabed?) of Mother Earth. The tongue in cheek comedian in all of us is busting out laughing at the thought of Apple’s underwater directions, to Tuscon (in the desert) and back.

If you think I jest, wander over to Tumblr for some wacky Apple directions. 

Google has been hard at work on mapping tech for a decade now, but a more timely set of circumstances on the PR and marketing end of things is actually hard to imagine. Apple threatens to dump Google map data their iOS Maps app, Apple sells a zillion iPhone 5′s, and iOS 6′s map aspect sinks like RMS Titanic, rumors arise that Google will put an iOS Google Maps app on iTunes, and there you have this month’s biggest fluttering manta story. Just check out the 580 complaints and near 30,000 replies over at the Apple support center.

The Google Blog shows off Google Maps’ latest adventure, maybe not 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but at least pinning undersea where the water is. Let’s hope the skin divers at Apple get their compasses lined up to compete soon. As for the horrible PR aspect, some reports already have the iOS 6 team recommending iPhone 5 users load Google Maps. Eeek.

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  • Jan Jekielek

    Hi Phil … is there any solution at the moment in terms of upgrading to iOS6 AND keeping Google maps?

    • phil.butler

      Hi Jan,

      Yes, luckily iOS 6 users can simply load Google Maps by surfing via Safari to A little window comes up revealing how you can install the web app onto your device simply by tapping “add to home screen”. Be sure an give the icon a name (or leave as Google Maps), then just hit “return” and you are all set. Drag the icon to a best location on the front screen and hit it when you need more reliable directions, etc. For now this seems like the best fix til Apple updates their app.

      Hope this helps,



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