‘Scrolls,’ the Next Game From the Creators of ‘Minecraft’

By Corey Philipp Created: September 19, 2011 Last Updated: September 19, 2011
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World renown for their tremendous success with its game, Minecraft,
Mojang Specifications is gearing up for their next game, Scrolls. The
game is a clever mix between a tactical board game and a trading card
game that will allow players to put their skills to the test against
other players online.

In Scrolls, players will begin with nothing but a starter deck of
in-game cards. To expand their collection, players can trade the cards
with other players in the Scrolls community.

The game will include some pay-as-you-play features. Players can buy
additional cards, available in booster packs, to expand their arsenals,
but they can also win cards in planned tournaments or from defeated
opponents. Due to strict gambling laws, this part of the game is still
in the process of being finalized.

The card game itself will go beyond what each card does, and will also
emphasize their position on the playing field. Not only do players have
to keep in mind the stats and contents of the cards in their deck, but
they also have to use strategic approaches with where they place each

Scrolls is still very early in development and Mojang plans to release
it just as they did with  Minecraft, moving from the alpha stage
through development with continual updates. There is also a single
player game mode in the works alongside various online gaming modes.

Due to high expectation of the indie gaming community and fans of
Mojang, Scrolls has some very big shoes to fill. The game is set for
release on the PC with a Mac version scheduled eventually. Mojang
announced initial versions of the game will be handed out to attendees
at the MineCon conference in Las Vegas from Nov. 18-19.

Corey Philipp is a writer based in San Diego, California.


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