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Senior VP jokes: 'Andrea Bocelli should be a little scared' of Shen Yun’s vocalists

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Created: January 26, 2013 Last Updated: January 26, 2013
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Christiano Castellini and Sara Jara were amazed by Shen Yun Perfoming Arts' artists at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Jan. 25. (Michael Ye/The Epoch Times)

Christiano Castellini and Sara Jara were amazed by Shen Yun Perfoming Arts' artists at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Jan. 25. (Michael Ye/The Epoch Times)

LOS ANGELES—“It’s breathtaking. I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say,” beamed Sara Jara, who works in Media Advertising. “It’s so beautiful: the colors, the dancing, the movement, the singing—words can’t express how beautiful it is.”

Ms. Jara, who was joined by Christiano Castellini, a Senior VP of investments in a wealth management business, attended the world-acclaimed Shen Yun Performing Arts, staged at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Jan. 25.

“The costumes were gorgeous. The visual—everything was beautiful. The talent was amazing,” Ms. Jara said.

“The whole show was artistic. Very artistic, and I like the sword dancing too,” added Mr. Castellini.

The New York based Shen Yun, a renowned classical Chinese dance and music company, transmits authentic Chinese culture to audiences around the world. Using classical Chinese dance and ethnic or folk dances, the performances feature a collection of stories and mini-dramas depicting scenes from China’s divinely inspired culture.

Describing an aspect of the show that she noticed most, Ms. Jara said, “Hearing about all the different philosophies and the gods, and at the end, how Buddha was the divine mercy that came and intervened and stopped the violence and created peace. It just had a lot of beautiful principles.”

”The world would be at peace if we all lived to these philosophies that China has thought of,” she continued.

Ms. Jara said she felt infused with a sense of serenity. “The music was very peaceful,” she said

“Yeah, the whole show,” Mr. Castellini agreed. “It’s very artistic though. It was nice, nice.”

“I think I like the tenor opera singer the best, because I’m Italian and he was fabulous. He was very, very good,” Mr. Castellini said. “I think Andrea Bocelli should be a little frightened; he should be a little scared of the Chinese opera singer! I don’t know what his name was, but he was very good. That’s why Andrea Bocelli should be very, very concerned about his career.”

According To the Shen Yun website, “The resounding voices of bel canto soloists are an integral part of the Shen Yun experience. Each program is heightened by several moving selections from our singers. Their impassioned songs give voice to hopes that have shaped Chinese culture for centuries.”

Discussing the lyrics, Mr. Castellini commented that they very insightful. “The lyrics to the opera were meaningful. They were very meaningful,” he said. “There was one particular phrase that struck me, that had to do with don’t get drowned in riches.”

He reiterated by saying, “Don’t get lost in riches or wealth. That’s a major theme that runs throughout the show.

“You have to appreciate the simple things in life. That’s one thing,” he continued. “The background—you can appreciate the Great Wall of China, and the simplicity of these beautiful dwellings, these beautiful buildings that were built. But they’re built in the pastures and the very simple places of China that aren’t polluted or don’t have all of the complications of a high society.”

Mr. Castellini also expressed the unique quality of Shen Yun. “It’s something that, when you want to learn about culture and experience different types of entertainment experiences, this is a different type of entertainment experience,” he said. “It’s worldly and it’s something that’s different from what you normally experience in America on a regular basis. It’s unique in that way.”

From the perspective of her professional opinion, Ms. Jara commented on the show’s presentation. “The fact that every season sold out, and the message definitely was clear, in terms of you never know until you sit in that seat—know what it really is about, so everyone has to come,” she said.

“I’m definitely going to recommend it to all my friends and family,” she concluded. “So it’s very, very educational, so I recommend it to everyone.”

Reporting by Michael Ye and Derek Padula.

Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company will perform in Los Angeles at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Jan. 25 through 27. Shen Yun Performing Arts, based in New York, tours the world on a mission to revive traditional Chinese culture. For more information, visit

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