Digital Imaging Company Owner Enjoys Shen Yun’s Digital Backdrops

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Created: December 22, 2012 Last Updated: December 24, 2012
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Mr. and Mrs. Chiodo attended Shen Yun's second sold-out show in Mississauga on Friday Dec. 21. (Dongyu Teng/The Epoch Times)

Mr. and Mrs. Chiodo attended Shen Yun's second sold-out show in Mississauga on Friday Dec. 21. (Dongyu Teng/The Epoch Times)

MISSISSAUGA, Canada—“It’s all digital,” Andy Chiodo pointed out about the state-of-the-art graphics technology used to produce the animated backdrops of Shen Yun Performing Arts’ Friday night sold-out show at the Living Arts Centre.

That is understandable, since Mr. Chiodo is a leader in the industry.

He is owner of Entire Imaging Solutions, a Toronto-based company he founded in 1968, which is in the business of providing new office technologies and document services, specializing in the digital printing of all types of materials as well as scanning of archival information.

“I’m just fascinated by the costumes, the talent, the scenery, and the background. It seems like every act is so different, [showing] different parts of the world. It’s fascinating,” Mr. Chiodo said at intermission.

New York-based Shen Yun was founded in 2006 with the mission of reviving China’s 5,000 years of divinely inspired culture, as stated on the website of the renowned classical Chinese dance company.

Each year the company tours the world with its three dance groups and accompanying orchestras, focusing on classical Chinese dance at the heart of its program but also featuring China’s ethnic and folk dance styles.

Its all-new production every year also features grand digital backdrops that transport the audience to different realms, from vast open grasslands to dusty battlegrounds, from tropical beaches to Himalayan peaks, from ancient pavilions to heavenly paradises.

The backdrops are designed to complement and synchronize with all aspects of the performance—the characters, colours of the costumes, dance movements, props, lighting, the story, particular notes played by the orchestra, and special audio effects.

“It’s spectacular, very interesting,” said Mrs. Chiodo, who works as a director of human resources.

“And when [the characters] come out and come onto the stage, a few scenes like that were remarkable,” she added, referring to story-based dances that delight viewers when images of characters in the animated backdrop descend from heaven and then their real-life counterparts seamlessly appear on stage.

“The costumes, the meaning behind everything, the choreography is spectacular, and one scene is better than the next; I’m really enjoying it so far,” Mrs. Chiodo said.

Mr. Chiodo said he was totally impressed and the couple owed their attendance at the show to their daughter.

“Our daughter surprised us tonight. She just came back from Brazil, and she says you’re going to go out with us tonight,” he said.

Mr. Chiodo described his reaction so far.

It’s fascinating, the culture, it’s just beautiful.

“This is remarkable, the timing and the costumes are just fabulous.”

“I’m looking forward to the next half,” Mrs. Chiodo said.

Her husband added that he would “strongly recommend it to anyone.”

“It’s fascinating, the culture, it’s just beautiful,” Mr. Chiodo said.

Reporting by Dongyu Teng and Cindy Chan.

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has three touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world. Shen Yun’s New York Company will be in Mississauga until Dec. 23 before going to Ottawa and Montreal and other dates in Ontario, Quebec, and across Canada.For more information, visit

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