UFO Footage: What on Earth Is This?

Epoch Times Staff
Created: July 15, 2011 Last Updated: February 14, 2012
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Mysterious Fireball UFO Posted on YouTube


Another fireball UFO has appeared in a video on YouTube, but this one mysteriously metamorphoses into something apparently inexplicable.

The object appears to be on fire and falling through the sky, reminiscent of some of the fiery UFOs filmed recently in places like Georgia and Mexico.

The YouTube user who posted the video says the footage comes from Youku, which is a Chinese website similar to YouTube. The comment says the object is a Russian missile that looks like it is being controlled by something, maybe a UFO.

It appears that the person who shot this video was filming the screen while watching the original video of the UFO, as halfway through the footage the motion seems to be paused, with a red logo glimpsed at the top left and the letter “e” on the bottom left wavering in and out of the video.

During this time, the camera zooms in and the leading core begins to enlarge and change. Several tiny white lights are flashing around the object and its tail, both glowing with a whitish light (probably due to the effect of filming a computer screen), as the core becomes semi-translucent with a striped appearance.

This footage is certainly unusual, and has drawn comments from Epoch Times readers ranging from an exploding missile to a hoax.

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