Fireball UFO Spotted in Mexico (Videos)

By Andres Cordova
Epoch Times Staff
Created: July 4, 2011 Last Updated: February 14, 2012
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Fireball UFO in Mexico on June 29


A flaming UFO was seen falling through the sky above Cuernavaca, Mexico on June 29.

The object looks like a meteorite dropping from the sky, with a bright pinkish orb at the bottom trailed by two long glowing orange tails.

Similar unidentified fiery objects have been sighted in other countries, for example Melbourne, Australia in March.

An obvious explanation is that they are meteorites that ignite into shooting stars when they impact with Earth’s atmosphere.

Curving Fireball UFO in Germany on Feb. 11

But one such object filmed over Berlin, Germany on Feb. 11 exhibited an unusual behavior. This UFO is also seen falling through the sky, leaving a much longer flaming trace behind it.

Then, inexplicably, as it passes behind a dark cloud, the object changes its trajectory mid-flight, dispelling the idea that it could be a meteorite.

Another fireball UFO like this was spotted above Puert Montt, Chile on May 28 with video footage showing a drastic change in trajectory during its fall.

Curving Fireball UFO in Chile on May 28

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