Hong Kong Youth Group Commandeers Falun Gong Information Site

Organization is connected to pro-communist company

By Lei Zan & Lam Ji
Epoch Times Staff
Created: June 22, 2012 Last Updated: August 12, 2013
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Members of the Youth Care Association set up banners with slogans targeting Falun Gong. (Poon Zoi-syu/The Epoch Times)

Members of the Youth Care Association set up banners with slogans targeting Falun Gong. (Poon Zoi-syu/The Epoch Times)

HONG KONG—Falun Gong practitioners have operated an information site near the exit of the Hung Hom Train Station in Kowloon, Hong Kong for 10 years. Practitioners display posters and banners about the spiritual practice and the Chinese regime’s persecution of the practice since 1999. Some practitioners perform exercise demonstrations and speak with people passing by.

On June 10, Falun Gong practitioners arrived at the information site, as usual, but this time they found another group hanging several slanderous banners, which appeared to be against Falun Gong. Although Falun Gong was not specifically named in the banners, the banners contained words like “against the cult.” Historically, the Chinese regime has called Falun Gong an evil cult.

Without altercation, a practitioner began to display Falun Gong posters and banners in the empty areas. Several people from the other group deliberately covered the Falun Gong banners with more of their slanderous banners and claimed that they had been there since 3 a.m.

According to Ms. Cheung, a Falun Gong coordinator interviewed on June 20, this group has been interfering for 10 days. Several of these people have been stationed at the site around the clock. Everyday, they hang up banners with different slanderous slogans on them.

On June 19, several people from the group placed speakers inside the barricaded area where Falun Gong practitioners usually practice the meditation exercises. Communist propaganda blared loudly, obscuring the peaceful meditation music played by the practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners had to notify local police officers to get the volume turned down. 

Several people were also loitering around the train station lobby and the bridge above the train station. Some were taking pictures and videotaping the site. Ms. Cheung noticed that the people wore uniforms imprinted with a logo that also appeared on that group’s banners. 

Lin Guo-an, the man apparently in charge of the youth organization. (The Epoch Times)

Lin Guo-an, the man apparently in charge of the youth organization. (The Epoch Times)

Ms. Cheung said she attempted to speak with police officers to negotiate a compromise with the group, but the officers remained indifferent and did not try to investigate the circumstances. She noted that in the past, when the site was met with interference, police officers would usually try to find a peaceful solution.

The Epoch Times has confirmed that those people are part of an organization called Hong Kong Youth Care Association, which registered as a private company two days before their appearance at the train station.

A further investigation revealed that the registered address for the association is the same as the address for a company named Digital Drive Association. The current chairman of the company, Yao Ming, is the assistant to a legislative councilor for the pro-Communist political party, Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB).

The chief operating officer for Digital Drive Association, Chen Jianhua, is also one of the co-founders of the Youth Care Association.

When The Epoch Times contacted the association, a man by the name of Lin Guo-an claimed to be the person in charge of the association. He said he has held several public office positions and was involved in youth services. But upon investigation by the reporter, Lin Guo-an was found to be the name of a member of the Jinggangshan City Political Consultative Conference in Jiangxi Province. When questioned about the connection, Lin refused to answer. 

Lin claimed that he was a volunteer and that the association was a non-profit organization, but when asked how the association sustains its operations, he refused to answer again. Lin also said the banners that were hung up by the association were not “targeting or discriminating against Falun Gong.”

Chow Wai-tung, district councilor of the Democratic Party in Hong Kong believes the slanderous banners are alluding to Falun Gong, even though the slogans don’t directly mention Falun Gong. He thinks Chinese Communist Party (CCP), officials are behind the interference because it coincides with recent Hong Kong protests about the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary and the death of Chinese democracy activist Li Wangyang. This incident is also happening ahead of Chinese leader Hu Jintao’s visit on July 1 for the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong’s turnover to China.

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