Hundreds of Dead Pigs Found in Chinese River

Epoch Times Staff Created: April 30, 2009 Last Updated: April 30, 2009
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A large number of dead pigs were found by a river in China ( web)

A large number of dead pigs were found by a river in China ( web)

Hundreds of dead pigs were found floating in a river near Fuqing city, Fujian Province. Some of the pigs had washed up on the road side.

According to the Southeast Express Paper, most of the carcasses were piglets wrapped in sacks.  The pigs' bodies had already rotted, and flies and dogs were feeding on the remains.  Authorities say that the decayed pork from the dead pigs has already made its way into the market.

Villagers in nearby Shouxi Village say that the pig carcasses have been lying there for more than two weeks. "We always see people on motorcycles coming and dumping the pigs here," says Chen, a villager.

Vice Mayor He Shanggui says that the amount of rotting shows that the pigs have been there for quite awhile, and may come from nearby farmers or from pig retailers.  The situation is still under investigation.

It was also reported that a similar situation was encountered in Hongdong County, Shanxi Province.  According to the local government, over half the area’s pigs have died—about 1300.  The County Animal Husbandry Bureau says that pigs are dying from a combination of Eperythrozoon and swine fever. 

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