The Marketing Corner: Trends in Television

By Adele Lassere Created: January 14, 2013 Last Updated: January 20, 2013
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Although the demise of television has been greatly exaggerated at times, television continues to play a great role in overall media consumption patterns for consumers.

Granted, viewing patterns do differ by age groups. Younger viewers, as well as tech-savvy baby boomers tend to multitask by using other media while watching TV. They consume other media such as tablets, smartphones, and MP3 players. Younger boomers still want to stay relevant and have that “cool factor” just as do millennials.

TV viewing experiences are also being enhanced by consumer’s usage of digital video recorder (DVR), video on demand (VOD), and on demand TV viewing. The usage of these products has increased over the past several years.

The average household now has multiple DVRs and experiences a higher level of satisfaction with its TV viewing. In addition, these DVR households are also Telco video, digital cable, Netflix, or other premium service subscribers. By looking at this behavior pattern from consumer households subscribing to such premium services, small-business marketers should consider how to integrate communications messages using these vehicles as a means to increase sales.

Given the added expense for these premium services, these consumer households may be predisposed to purchase higher end products/services that do offer value or solution to a need. Consider storytelling messages on TV and/or integrate these messages on other media platforms. This helps create a better experience for your desired target.

If you can master developing and deploying robust experiences for consumers, you achieve higher engagement with your company and portfolio of products/services to generate that desired return on investment.

Stay ahead of the curve by continuing to seek new ways to break through the clutter. Competitive pressures will remain very active across most industries in 2013. Therefore seek high viewership opportunities by purchasing season finales, sports programming such as the Super Bowl, or award programming like the Grammys.

If budget allows, secure billboards and/or other real estate such as vignettes to increase your presence within these programs. Remember that sometimes the solution to solving a marketing problem may not even involve creating an ad.

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