Zumtobel Awarded $200,000 Grant Amidst Completion of Highland Facility Upgrade

October 10, 2016 Updated: October 10, 2016    

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. awarded Zumtobel Lighting Inc. a $200,000 Business Retention for Manufacturers grant. The money comes from the utility company’s economic development program. The grant was given to Zumtobel in recognition of completion of $4.7 million in upgrades to its building and the equipment at its Highland plant.

Zumtobel is an international lighting manufacturer specializing in LED lighting and lighting management. Its headquarters are located in Austria.

In a report from the Hudson Valley News Network, Anthony Campagiorni, vice president of regulatory & government affairs at Central Hudson Gas & Electric, said why Zumtobel deserved the grant:

“Our economic development programs and grants are intended to strengthen our local economy and retain and attract employers. Zumtobel’s investment in its facility is an investment in the growth of our region and will sustain more than 160 quality jobs in the Hudson Valley.”

The grant is typically given to businesses in the region served by Central Hudson Gas & Electric, which are making efforts to expand. 

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