Zimmer Raz, Ferdinand Guerrero, Bernice Lee Named as Cedric Lee Accomplices in Vhong Case

In the Vhong Navarro case, the latest news is that a group of people have been named as accomplices of Cedric Lee, including Lee’s sister Bernice Lee, as well as pharmacy businessman Jed Fernandez and body builder and former Mr. Philippines Zimmer Raz, aka Zimmer Rance.

Rance may be the most well-known of the accomplices, who were identified using CCTV footage and statements from Navarro, who was beaten by some of them.

Rance reportedly works as a bodyguard for rich businessmen in the Philippines, and Cedric Lee had told ABS-CBN that Rance knows mixed martial arts and helped “subdue” Navarro during the alleged attempted rape of Deniece Cornejo, which has apparently turned out to be a false account of what happened.

Instead, Lee and his accomplices set up Navarro for extortion by beating him and forcing him to admit to raping Cornejo on videotape, telling him that they would leak the tape unless he paid them P2 million.

Bernice Lee is seen on the CCTV footage speaking with Cornejo, her brother, and some of the others. She lives in Greenshills, San Juan, reported ABS-CBN.

Fernandez, alias “Mike,” is a 39-year-old pharmacy businessman.

JP Calma is a 40-year-old construction company businessman who lives in Makati.

And Ferdinand Guerrero is a business partner of Lee’s who is involved with black sand mining in Cagayan.

Guerrero was allegedly involved in the alleged beating of a former business partner of Lee’s several years ago.

Authorities left subpoenas for all of the accomplices and are working to identify three other people in the case.


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