Zayn Malik Dies? Nope, Twitter ‘RIP’ Death Rumor Riles Fans of One Direction

March 31, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A rumor being spread on Twitter claims One Direction star Zayn Mali had died.

The “#RipZaynMalik” claims are false. No legitimate media outlets have covered it.

The fake rumors, however, ruled users on Twitter.

“#RipZaynMalik you will always be remembered! But I thought he died long ago after he attacked the towers? Not sure tho! Anyways #NeverForget,” one person wrote.

Added another: “#RipZaynMalik is this supposed to be a joke? Well it’s not funny.”

“#RipZaynMalik Why is this even trending sometimes I don’t like twitter good thing he is never online #WeLoveYouZayn,” said one.

“Why would you trend this even as a joke? remember cory monteith? yeah it’s not nice when your idol dies #RipZaynMalik,” wrote another.

“I’m not even a massive 1D fan but I felt sick when I saw #RipZaynMalik why the hell would be start that :s ?,” another wrote.

Added one: “Whoever started #RipZaynMalik I will hunt you down and kill you.”

On Monday, reports said Malik was taken to a “Princess Party” with his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. 

Malik, who infrequently uses Twitter, made his last tweet on March 22.

“What do you call iron man without his suit? stark naked!” he joked. “Sometimes you pretend even when it’s real,” he added a few days prior.

Twitter has been a source of celebrity death hoaxes in the past.

A number of singers have been “killed off” by Twitter, including Justin Bieber and more recently, Adam Levine of “The Voice.