YouTube Star ‘The Amazing Lucas’ Talks Politics

October 15, 2018 Updated: October 16, 2018

The Amazing Lucas is a YouTube sensation.

The bodybuilder, 3D animator, and Trump supporter has more than 10 million views.

The description on his YouTube channel reads: “I cover everything from Gaming to Bodybuilding to Politics with a taste for justice and common sense. Hardcore Spider-Man fan and competitive bodybuilder. Be Amazing.”

Someone once said that pure truth, like pure gold, is unfit for circulation. Men have discovered that it is more convenient to adulterate the truth.

Not so, in the case of young Lucas.

His videos are like a semi-choreographed fireworks display. Usually, his soliloquy starts off with “Oh my goodness!” There are no ums, ers, or retakes.

Lucas is clearly having an enjoyable time. He lampoons and pokes gentle fun at sacred cows. His delivery speed is rapid machine-gun fire. There are the signature guffaw and the smile that flashes like a piano keyboard.

This excerpt from his latest offering on #BrettKavanaughConfirmed snagged more than 96,585 views at the time of writing this. There were more than 2,406 comments:

“Guys. We did it. We’re good to go. … The whole thing was a sham from the get-go. Dummies, all you people who donated to her! $569,665 walking all the way to the bank!” (He imitates a robber carrying bag of loot over his shoulder).

The comments speak to the caliber and growing internationality of his audience:

“Before this divisiveness, I’m sure if you asked everyone in the U.S., ‘Do you believe in the presumption of innocence?’ 99.999 percent of the population would have said Yes. Why? … because it is our best way to protect the innocent. Now the question has to be, ‘Why has half the population decided it doesn’t matter anymore?’ Is this not a move toward fascism? A very slippery slope indeed!”

“In a world densely populated with opinionistas who are largely unhampered by anything so pushy as knowledge or allegiance to the truth, Lucas has recognized that we live in dangerously deranged times. Emotion, prejudice and hysteria guide public discourse.”

‘Why Are You Here?’

Lucas grew up in a strict Catholic household with private Catholic school values. He has three sisters and one brother.

“My mother has always been one for truth. She had a path for me. She always said bad company corrupts good morals. She changed the course of my life and how I view things. I had a solid foundation,” he said.

His mother’s values made sense. His father came and went. At times, there were problems with his dad, but his mom made him realize the importance of the family unit, that a kid has to have a mom and a dad. His mom calls things as she sees them. She gave him an ear for the phony baloney.

“Democrats know how to frame their enemies,” Lucas explained. “That’s half the battle. They don’t teach you in school that the KKK is a Democrat thing. You have to go and look it up. Dems had everything under their control, and they still lost. How do you lose a game when you’re in control of the rules?” he laughed. It’s a rich, velvet laugh.

Lucas is singular.

In today’s society, peer-group pressures, mass-media manipulation, and pop culture in general cause people to be other-directed. The goals to which the other-directed person strives are behavioral conformity.

“You speak to a lot of these people at these rallies and ask them, ‘Why are you here?’ They don’t know. I try and inform them of the facts. That’s the battle,” he said.

The inner-directed person, like Lucas, has taken his cues from private guides probably at home. Principles, rather than details of behavior, have been internalized. Such people are known to have great stability.

Keeping Up With the News

“I guess I first realized that there was something wrong when I heard the president’s inauguration speech being described as Hitlerian,” he said. “Say what? Didn’t he do what other presidents promised and move the embassy to Jerusalem? Isn’t his son-in-law Jewish? I wondered how much corruption was reported on in the previous eight years.

“What do I read? Drudge Report, MSNBC—I just keep up with everything. If CNN has put out a video with falsehoods, I can rebut it.”

He jots down his ideas. Some stuff just writes itself.

In terms of how much he works out, his is a body looks as though it was planed—he is deprecating. “I work out a little. It’s just tight shirts,” he said. In truth, he is ruthlessly disciplined.

Hollywood Types Into ‘Propaganda’

“All these Hollywood types,” said Lucas. “They loved President Trump until he started running. Now he’s radioactive. But no one calls them out and exposes their hypocrisy. They are so into the propaganda that they will take a hit at the box office just to keep the narrative going that will control people’s minds.”

He added: “Given the herd mentality, memes spread like viruses, and people don’t realize how they are being manipulated. ‘Rules for Radicals’ is their playbook. ‘Saturday Night Live.’ John Oliver. All the late-show comedians. They are propagandists. They will sprinkle a little humor on it, but it’s propaganda.

“There are people who see this dumbing down and people who don’t. There are those that see it and want to change it. And those who want to monetize it. It’s common sense, but common sense isn’t that common.”

Lucas dissects with a surgeon’s scalpel.

“You have to keep it light. Or you would get an ulcer or die. I think that’s where this ‘Oh my goodness’ came from. Every spin and nonsense that comes out of peoples’ mouths—I say to myself, ‘Yo, this is nonsense!  But where’s the funny in this?’ I blame the Republican party. It’s a PR issue. They should be taking control of their reputation. The business is optics. Perception is all.”

Note to President Trump: Deploy the mega charm of this maverick?

Jani Allan is a South African journalist, columnist, writer, and broadcaster.

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