Young, Living People's Organs Used in Transplant Surgeries

March 20, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: March 20, 2006 12:00 am

Every year, hospitals and medical centers in mainland China perform large numbers of organ transplant surgeries for many people coming from all over the world, but the source of the organs has been kept secret. In the recent years, because lethal injection has been adopted as the means of execution, the organs from criminals have become limited, while those who are persecuted to death in prison have naturally become the major source for organs.

On March 19 and 20, Epoch Times correspondent Fei Xin made phone calls to the General Hospital of Shenyang Military District (also called the Shenyang General Army Hospital), the No. 463 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (also called the Central Air Force Hospital of Shenyang Military District), and Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing to inquire about kidney transplants.

The medical staff informed the correspondent that, except for a very few cases in which kidneys come from relatives, kidneys used in all the other transplant surgeries come from criminals. In addition, the kidneys were removed from living people.

The “Known” Secret

The doctors from these hospitals stated that the kidneys come from criminals who were alive. This is the case with all the hospitals in mainland China, which is already a “known” secret. Patients from other countries, including Japan, South Korea, come to China for kidney transplants because their countries have no kidney donor sources.

When the correspondent asked, “Why would a criminal donate his kidney? Is it for money?” A doctor said secretively, “No. Something special is involved—I can't tell. You should ask my supervisors, or you can come here to discuss it in detail.”

When the correspondent asked if the organs from death penalty criminals are of assured quality, one doctor claimed that the kidneys do not only come from death penalty criminals. When doctors were asked exactly where the kidneys come from, they answered that only the people who removed the kidney and the supervisors know.

They also stated, the quality of the kidneys is absolutely assured, they all come from young healthy people. The success rate of the transplant surgery is over 90 percent with a price ranging from 60,000 to 120,000 yuan (US $7,500 –15,000). They also assured that upon the patient's arrival, the operation would be conducted in a timely manner, without the several days wait.

One doctor from the No. 463 Hospital said, “On average, over 10 kidney transplant surgeries are performed in our hospital each month. Thirty of our 43 beds are for kidney transplants.”

When the correspondent asked if removing kidneys from living people is too cruel, the doctor said, “All hospitals remove it from living people. This doesn't affect other people and is not in the scope of our discussion about treatment.” Another doctor answered, “I have no way to explain it… We don't quite know the details, you should ask our supervisors.”

Once the correspondent revealed her identity as a reporter, they became very nervous and answered negligently, “We don't know much. You should ask our supervisors,” “This information is not allowed to be revealed to the outside,” “All the criminals volunteered, the procedures are legal…”

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