Young Girl Unscathed by 11-Story Fall in China

March 9, 2016 Updated: March 9, 2016

A small girl in Hangzhou, eastern China, fell out of an eleventh-story apartment while playing unattended, but suffered no injury because of several obstacles that helped break her fall.

Four-year-old Liu Liu was playing in her home on March 6 while her parents were out, and fell out of the window by accident, Hangzhou Daily reported.

According to an elderly man who witnessed the incident, the child collided with anti-theft caging at the ninth floor, causing her to fall onto a nearby tree and break a branch. She finally landed in a growth of thick grass and burst out crying.

“She’s lucky to survive!” the man told Hangzhou Daily. “The tree branch is broken but she is fine!”

An older woman soon discovered the wailing toddler, wrapped her in a piece of canvas (she was not wearing any pants) and held her in her arms until her mother returned, the witness said.

Liu Liu’s mother took her to the No. 2 People’s Hospital in Hangzhou, where she was found to be physically unhurt.

A veteran firefighter surnamed Liu told Hangzhou Daily that in addition to the caging and foliage that slowed the girl’s plunge, she was also aided by the fact that children’s bones are flexible and less likely to fracture because they are still growing.

Liu Liu in her mother's arms and their apartment (L). (via Hangzhou Daily)
Liu Liu in her mother’s arms and their apartment (L). (via Hangzhou Daily)