Celebrities Stick up for Young Boy Pleading for Bullies to Leave Him Alone

December 10, 2017 Updated: December 10, 2017

A Tennessee middle schooler was captured on camera crying about being bullied at school by classmates.

The video was being shared en masse on Sunday.

Keaton Jones was seen sobbing in a cellphone video, shot by his mother, saying that classmates abused him and poured milk on him.

“Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to ’em? It’s not okay,” he said.

His mom wrote on Facebook: “I’m humbled by the voice my boy has been given, but he’s still just a little boy, and he’s a little boy who desperately wants acceptance.”

“My kids are by no stretch perfect, & at home, he’s as all boy as they come, but by all accounts he’s good at school,” wrote Kimberly. “Talk to your kids. I’ve even had friends of mine tell me they’re kids were only nice to him to get him to mess with people. We all know how it feels to want to belong, but only a select few know how it really feels not to belong anywhere.”

A number of celebrities spoke up for the boy, including UFC President Dana White, who sent out a Tweet with the video along with a message:

“Meet Keaton Jones a very smart little boy who is being bullied at school. This video is heartbreaking!! I want to bring Keaton to Vegas and hang out at UFC Headquarters. If anyone knows how i can reach the family please let me know. Thank u everyone”

Others also chimed in.



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