Young Beijing Man Repairs Watches with Feet

August 2, 2005 Updated: August 2, 2005

Wang Jianhai, a disabled man from Beijing who lost both his hands in an accident, learned how to repair clocks and watches using only his feet.

In his childhood, Wang accidentally touched a high voltage line, causing serious burns on his hands that eventually required amputation. Despite having lost his hands, he is an independent man and can take care of himself without any aid from others.

Ten years ago, Wang began the painstaking task of learning how to repair clocks and watches using only his feet. There are several kinds of problems that can affect faulty clocks; they can run too slowly, too quickly or even stop completely. Generally, repairing broken clocks requires careful and intricate work. Today, complex and precise problems never puzzle him, and Wang Jianhai can even chat freely with others while he is busy repairing.

Wang is gradually gaining fame throughout Beijing for his exquisite footwork. Many customers will seek his help when their expensive brand watches have any problems.

Recently one visitor from Hong Kong was so impressed by his rare talent that he invited Wang to move to Hong Kong and teach other disabled people how to run their own successful business.