You’ll Be Able to Test Microsoft’s Wild New Project Spartan Browser Soon

March 3, 2015 Updated: March 3, 2015

There are plenty of improvements to be excited about when it comes to Windows 10, from the return of the Start menu to inclusion of a fully-functional Xbox app, but the most intriguing development is the Project Spartan browser that will replace Internet Explorer once and for all.

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We’ve seen live demos of Project Spartan and heard all about how it will be the most advanced browser available, but we haven’t had a chance to test it out for ourselves. That’s going to change after the next update to the Windows 10 technical preview.

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo said at Mobile World Congress that a test version of the browser will be available to Windows Insiders in the next version of the Windows 10 preview. There’s no definitive release date for the next version, but sources say that it should drop before the end of the month.

Microsoft also showed off the mobile version of the browser at MWC, which might indicate that mobile users will get their hands on Project Spartan in the near future as well.

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