You Won’t Believe How These Amazing Works of Art Were Created

On Friday, Business Insider shared 22 beautiful images that were all created on an iPad with the popular app Paper by developer FiftyThree
January 11, 2015 Updated: January 11, 2015

When the concept of the tablet was originally floated, the skepticism seemed insurmountable. Who needs an oversized smartphone that can’t make phone calls? A miniaturized laptop that doesn’t have a keyboard? That was the mentality at the time, but years later, tablets have become a crucial part of the market.

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Perhaps most exciting of all is how savvy individuals have made use of their tablets. On Friday, Business Insider shared 22 beautiful images that were all created on an iPad with the popular app Paper by developer FiftyThree. It’s a free app that we’ve covered in the past, and a no-brainer for any artist with an iPad.

Here are a few of the incredible pieces from the article, but be sure to head to the link here to see all 22 images.

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