Head and Shoulders, Nivea Scam: ‘You Will Never Use this Shampoo, Bath Soap After Watching This Video,’ Government Warning is Totally Fake

A post that’s going viral on Facebook, titled “You Will Never Use this Bath Soap After Watching This Video,” is nothing more than a scam. Two similar scams are going around about Head & Shoulders and Nivea shampoo.

The grotesque picture that’s used is a Photoshopped photo of a lotus seed pod that has been used in a number of scams in the past.

Most recently, it was used in a viral scam that claimed Head & Shoulders would cause a skin injury.

However, when one clicks on the post, they are taken to a website that asks them first to share before going further–a telltale sign of a Facebook scam.

After that, users are asked to fill out bogus surveys, which are how the scammers make their money.

There’s no actual video.

According to Snopes.com, “The image itself is a hoax, a fabrication that imitates a notorious fake photograph of a supposed ‘breast rash caused by South American larvae’ (created by merging a picture of a lotus seed pod with a picture of a human shoulder) which has been circulating on the Internet since 2003 and that was earlier used as the subject of a Twitter jape:”

It adds: “The referenced video does not exist, and the purpose of the current hoax is to serve as a lure in leading users to yet another survey scam: those who click through on the teaser link hoping to view the Head & Shoulders video are instead taken to a screen that forces them to first share the link with others on Facebook and/or verify their age by completing a survey.”