You Guys Enlighten Us All

June 15, 2020 Updated: July 10, 2020

You are reaching the heart and soul of America.

I look forward every week to receiving your newspaper.

Your news continues to share with us where we are with the investigations and the most heinous crimes committed in this century and probably in the history of the republic. An attempt to overthrow a seated president is unprecedented in history and you guys have not let that story die.

That is so critical. America needs to understand we are in it now, with the anarchy that is happening in the streets of America.

You guys enlighten us all and I’m very grateful for what you do. You are just a tremendous enlightening organization. It comes down to doing what’s right and to watch so many people not doing what’s right is shameful and disgraceful.

If the veterans from WWII could come back and see what was happening right now, you would see a trail of tears, a trail of tears. With people defacing monuments like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, 58,000 young men and women went into that war.

They did all they could and paid the full price. The old adage that ‘freedom isn’t free,’ someone has paid for it, so it saddens me terribly. It is truly sad, truly sad. The greatest country in the world being attacked within. It’s like all of a sudden we have discovered we have cancer.

Continue to do the great work you’ve been doing. I’m encouraged by people like you, who are willing to take the criticisms, comments, and the nastiness of people and continue doing your job because you are doing what’s right. It’s never easy to do what’s right in the controversial world of America. It needs people like you. I’m on your side all the way.”

Nick S.

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