Die Like a Digital ‘Pharaoh’: Company Offering ‘Creepy’ Online Tombs

February 11, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Who needs a funeral when you can just set up an online tomb when you die?

That sounds kind of creepy right?

A new website is looking to give people the ability to be a “digital pharaoh” with an online, digital tomb “to have fun in a great afterlife environment,” providing customers with a memorial of their existence online.

EverTomb, an apparent satire of social media sites like Facebook, says that “every tomb owner gets a personal tomb space located on famous Evertomb cemeteries around the world wide web.”

“By continuously adding new features your tomb will evolve to a great and probably creepy memorial of your online existence. Your tomb lets followers connect with you in the social afterlife and make some beautiful offerings,” it says.

It comes at a cost of just $1 per month. It’s unclear what happens to the “tomb” if you stop paying the fee.

EverTomb implores people to “act first and build the greatest and most creepy tomb out there and let your followers interact or leave some nice offerings.”

“The possibilities are endless,” it says. “Creep the [expletive] out of people, make people hilariously laugh, show greatness like a god of the internet and even use it as a resume to really get that new job.”

So far, only about 213 “tombs” have been funded.

The site adds: “Our funeral experts are working hard to prepare custom made burial tombs for our first 500 BETA clients that will ever exist within Evertomb. Ready to become legend?”