You Can Label Anything Under the Sun, But You Might Need Custom Labeling


Yes, it’s quite true that labeling machines can label just about anything – in theory at least (in practice, labeling an ice cream on a cone really could be quite a technological challenge). However, if your product is packaged in a non-traditional or unusual way – say, for example, it’s not in the standard-looking glass bottle, or it’s not in a rectangular box – then you’ll probably need a custom labeling solution, like these. Custom solutions are fairly diverse, so it can be moderately mind-boggling to nail down exactly what kind of custom labeling machine you need in your particular instance.

Incoming: your how-to guide to identifying what custom labeling machine is the best fit for you. Let’s dig in.

  • Need a label to go all around a cylindrically-shaped container (the kind your sour cream tends to come in)? Then you’ll want to get a – wait for it – conical shape labeling machine. This machine will wrap a label completely around the container(s) of interest in a flash.

  • You’ve got a square or rectangular package. The problem: your labels are designed to go on multiple sides of the package. The solution: a multi-side labeling machine. What you need to do: place the box-shaped object on the machine (which has been loaded up with your labels) and watch as the machine does its magic. Nifty.

  • Containers can have unusually curved surfaces. In this situation, simply applying direct pressure to the surface in order to apply a label simply won’t work (the machine arm doing the labeling is bound to slip off – not good). So a special labeling machine is required – a tamp and wipe labeling machine. The neat thing about this particular approach to labeling containers? There won’t be any creases or ripples in the label, producing a sleek and smooth labeled look for the container.

  • What if you want a label that’s larger than the object? In other words, this type of label would go around the object but a part of the label would stick out – highlighting some key (or exciting) information that the consumer will see. Example: you’re selling a USB cable and the label is going to wrap around the cable and protrude outward. Very appropriately, the machine for this labeling job is termed a flag labeling system because the label wraps around the object like a flag slips onto a flagpole.

  • “I have bottles, but I want the labeling done fast – really fast.” Marvelous – the machine for that is called a vertical trunion labeling system. In this method, the bottles are lined up (facing vertically) on a continuously moving conveyor belt while a wall of rollers quickly and rapidly apply the labels – while also helping to keep the bottles stable.

Suffice it to say that there are other custom labeling solutions out there, but hopefully, after reading this article you will begin to appreciate that no matter how specific your labeling needs are, there is almost certainly a labeling machine out there that can help you tackle the issues – in a reliable and consistent way.