‘X Men: Days of Future Past’ Core Story is About Relationship Between Charles and Erik

March 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The core of the upcoming “X Men: Days of Future Past” is the same as it was in “First Class,” says one of the writers and producers.

Simon Kinberg said that like “First Class,” the new film will focus a lot on the relationship between Charles Xavier, or Professor Xavier, and Erik Lensherr, or Magneto.

“In many ways, the core of the movie is as it was in First Class, that relationship between Charles and Erik. Mostly in the past, but there’s work they’re doing in the future as well. In the past, it’s almost like their roles are reversed from First Class. When we first meet Charles, McAvoy’s Charles at the beginning of this film, he’s more of a broken, troubled character in the way we met Erik at the start of First Class – he was a broken, troubled character,” Kinberg told Den of Geek.

“The arc of this film in many ways is seeing Charles, who lost his best friend in Erik, and his sister and confidante in many ways in Raven – Jennifer Lawrence – and also lost [the use of] his legs at the end of First Class – it’s seeing how that would break a person’s spirit in some ways. In this film, we build him back up to become Professor Xavier. In a way, this is the bridge from the young cat in First Class to the wise, solemn teacher of X-Men One.”

Kinberg said that the relationship between the pair in the future is one of two old friends who realize that they made a lot of mistakes and wish they could have done things differently–which the situation in this movie allows them to.

He also said that the movie addresses what happened to Xavier between X-Men 3 and this movie. At the same time, the time travel in the movie into the past can impact the future.

The latest X-Men film hits theaters on May 23, 2014.

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