Wyatt Jozwowski — Exclusive 1 on 1 Interview

February 16, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

I have been given the pleasure to interview Wyatt Jozwowski, a high school dropout who is an internet marketing dream kid. He is the owner of DripApps, a search engine optimization (SEO) blog. He discusses underground SEO techniques that are used by some of the most successful SEO‘s. Over 20,000 people are subscribed to his blog, so let’s get started in our exclusive interview.

Q: Wyatt, who do you thank for your success in internet marketing?
A: I couldn’t have done it by myself, and I really need to thank my partners. I have worked with Devin Zander, a great friend and affiliate manager, Yashar Ghaffarloo, a genius web developer and SEO expert who has helped me so much, and Alex Davis, a featured writer on DripApps.

Q: What do you recommend to new internet marketers?
A: Stick to what you’re doing. I know so many people who have some genius idea, and dedicated so much time to it, only to quit when they don’t receive immediate success. When I first started DripApps, I spent hours a day working on it and giving out free content. Was it successful at first? No. But if I didn’t work on it and make it what it is today, I wouldn’t be able to have something to call my own, and I wouldn’t have been able to build my internet marketing empire.

Q: Is there some secret to internet marketing that the successful people only know?
A: A lot of people sure do think so. What separates us successful SEOs and those who are not is hard work. I see so many people trying to get into internet marketing, and SEO in general, and not knowing where to start or what to do. Then I check their Facebook profile and see them sharing Vine videos. They then continue to complain on how this is all a big scam, when they haven’t even worked hard. You can always find a reason to complain and stop doing what you’re doing, but the reason that you find within to work is what makes us successful.

Q: When did DripApps begin?
A: DripApps, which you can visit here: DripApps.com started in 2013. It did not become big until around June in 2014 when we started to grow and work more and more on it. We have published articles and free training, and have gained thousands of happy followers due to this. I also offer coupons for certain holidays because people need SEO in varying degrees as the year goes on.

Q: Thanks Wyatt!
A: Any time man!