WWE Smackdown: Dean Ambrose Does Segment for Survivor Series

November 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Dean Ambrose will take part in a dark match after Smackdown, and he filmed his promo segment Wednesday.

The match is being advertised as Cena, Orton & Ambrose vs. Rollins, Kane & Wyatt, according to WrestleZone. 

WhatCulture on Thursday posted a few spoilers [WARNING] about Smackdown when it was filmed in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The site says that Ambrose did a promo for the Survival Kit match versus Bray Wyatt during the Survivor Series.

“It was basically Ambrose talking about how he got jumped as a kid, so he was given a pair of brass knucks to protect himself. Ambrose said he was the survival kit. Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen and there was a bit of back and forth talking,” the site notes.

Bleacher Report notes that regarding the Survivor Series, “Ambrose and Wyatt can salvage an otherwise tepid start to their feud with a show-stealing match.”

“Ambrose’s in-your-face brawling style may finally be a perfect fit for Wyatt, whose in-ring work hasn’t lived up to his captivating persona just yet,” the site says. “With Wyatt continuing to taunt Ambrose about family secrets and failed parenthood, he would be a logical choice to win in order to bolster his mental edge. Six matches for a three-hour pay-per-view should give these two plenty of time to produce a quality match.”

There’s also been rumors about what will go down during the Survivor Series.

“It is expected that WWE will shoot a major angle at Survivor Series in addition to the main event match because offering the show for free means they will have more eyeballs on the event than pretty much any other show outside of WrestleMania and maybe Royal Rumble,” wrote CageSideSeats.