WWE News, Rumors 2014: Latest on Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose, Batista, Sting, and also Rob Van Dam

The WWE news and rumors keep flying, including about Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose.

Check out the latest buzz below.

Lesnar’s Limited Schedule to Strengthen Championship

Brock Lesnar is well-known of participating in very few fights, which bodes well for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

“Despite how untouchable he seems and how strong he looked against John Cena, the fact is that some fans are likely very critical of his limited work schedule. However, it is that schedule that will actually strengthen the company’s top prize. It’s a criticism that fans have surely made many times in the past: WWE’s penchant for using seasoned veterans as part-time Superstars. From Chris Jericho to Rob Van Dam to The Rock, several past champions have returned to the fold in WWE. Each man has contributed, and each man has been given an ample amount of spotlight,” noted Bleacher Report‘s Tom Clark.

“But Lesnar is a different animal altogether. He is a veteran, but he has not been used to get younger talents over and is not utilized regularly on TV. Lesnar is a main event killing machine, and he does nothing but bring attention to the WWE product every time he comes back. His combination of power, athleticism and intensity sets him apart from all other Superstars. His ability to make an immediate impact the moment he hits the ring is unlike any fans have ever seen.”

“The frustration that some fans have with this type of scenario is understandable. Indeed, after Lesnar won the belt, many of the WWE faithful likely had flashbacks of The Rock appearing live via satellite. However, that should not be the concern now. This title change is not just about getting Lesnar over; it’s about getting the championship over as well. Lesnar will almost certainly not be seen as often as past champions like CM Punk,” Clark added.

“And he certainly will not be seen several times during the course of each program the way Cena typically is. That will cause his appearances to mean more. Lesnar will be more valuable, and his time on TV will be much more anticipated than if he were there every week. He has no chance of being overexposed, and the truth is that he could be viewed more as an old-school champion than probably anyone else in recent memory.”

Lesnar is certainly confident of his worth, taunting John Cena after finishing off some steak following his win, and being set up for a rematch with Cena at Night of Champions.

Few believe that Lesnar would lose the title so soon at that event.

Dean Ambrose to Return … When?

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Dean Ambrose is taking some time away from wrestling to film WWE Studios’ new movie Lockdown.

The studios and Lionsgate are co-producing the film.

Ambrose, whose real name is Jonathan Good, is headling the film, reported Variety.

“Good, who made his debut on WWE’s main roster in 2012, has generated a major fan following after breaking out as a member of the group The Shield, and quickly proved his abilities on the mic and in story lines in and outside of the ring. WWE is now betting that he may be able to cross over into films, as well. Lockdown will be his first starring role in a movie,” it said.

“Written by Nathan Brooks and Bobby Lee Darby (See No Evil 2), Lockdown follows a police officer who finds himself trapped inside his own precinct and hunted after crooked cops stop at nothing to recover incriminating evidence of illegal activities against those closest to him.”

Bleacher Report notes that Ambrose’s return will likely involve gaining revenge on Seth Rollins.

“Considering Ambrose’s erratic on-screen personality, fans shouldn’t expect him to announce his grand return beforehand. Most likely, he’ll just shockingly run in and attack Rollins during some random backstage segment. Who knows? He might even hide in a car trunk and wait for the right time to attack his foe, as he famously did at the Battleground pay-per-view last month,” it said.

“Expect him to also go after Kane, who aided in last week’s vicious assault.”

As far as a time frame, it will be a couple of months until Ambrose comes back.

Batista Return Rumors

It’s been reported that Batista will wrestle at WrestleMania 31.

“It’s being said that no matter what happens he will be coming back to WWE at some point, possibly soon. Recent discussions of his future with the company have simply been to discuss the possibility that he’ll be leaving sooner than expected,” reported Cageside Seats.

“This could very well lead to a retirement match at WrestleMania 31, though it’s still early.”

Sting Happy to Join WWE

Sting is very happy to cap off his career with the WWE.

“It feels really, really good. It really is about time and I’m glad to be here, grateful to be here,” Sting said in an interview with AfterBuzz TV following the roster reveal for the WWE 2K15 video game in Los Angeles, California. 

“I keep talking about the reception I’m getting from WWE fans and also some of the WWE wrestlers on the roster…office people, the whole package. It’s a class-A organization and it’s definitely good to be back here rubbing shoulders with guys like…today it was fun to be with John Cena. Comic-Con, a few weeks ago I met Daniel Bryan. It’s good to be meeting some of these guys…Sheamus! Really good. It’s an honor.” 

Van Dam at Legends of the Ring

Rob Van Dam, fresh off his time in the WWE, has been announced as the headliner at Legends of the Ring.

The event will take place on Saturday, September 20.

It will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Monroe, New Jersey.

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