Wuhan’s Large-scale CCP Virus Testing Lacks Transparency

June 6, 2020 Updated: June 6, 2020

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Wuhan had conducted 6.68 million nucleic acid tests and discovered 206 asymptomatic cases as of May 23. This was done after the Chinese CDC announced mandatory mass testing on May 11. Residents are concerned about cross contamination because the testing was not done carefully. They also said that test tubes were not properly labelled, and the results are not made available to the public. It was said that the CDC initiative was aimed at preventing a . Wuhan city, where the CCP virus first emerged late last year, is home to about 11 million people.,

During an interview, Wuhan residents said the test results were not available. A resident said that the authorities are not making the test results available to the public, and say it is illegal.

The interview was conducted on May 21-22 by Yi Ru of the Chinese-language Epoch Times.