Wuhan Struggling Alone

Part 1
April 2, 2020 Updated: April 4, 2020

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When Wuhan officials announced zero new infections on March 18, new cases were reported online on March 19.
During an interview on March 21 with Mr. Gao from Wuhans’ Qiaokou District, The Epoch Times learned that a reemergence of the CCP virus, which causes the disease COVID-19, had occurred.

This is part 1 of the interview – The Epidemic Reemerges

Mr. Gao: The virus has reemerged. It started again. There were reports about it yesterday.
Tongji Medical College, Qiaokou, has confirmed more than 100 cases of infection. It was reported yesterday. The reason I’m saying this is because it was reported. If I don’t mention it, the facts will be hidden and none of it will come to light.

Reporter: Was the virus recurring, or is it new?

Mr. Gao: Who knows. I’m quarantined at home.
There was a case today near our community. A 62-year-old woman ran away and now she’s gone missing.

Reporter: Where are the people who were released from the makeshift hospitals?

Mr. Gao: They were isolated first and then went home. We didn’t see any news in the chat room about their health and safety.

Reporter: It’s quite scary. Are you worried?

Mr. Gao: Most definitely. Life is getting harder. The government doesn’t care, we have no money on hand, and when you go out, you need to pay in order to have fun.

Reporter: So the situation remains the same, am I right?

Mr. Gao: Yes, the same. Things are a little more relaxed in my community. But we’re still very worried for others. The regime is talking about ensuring zero new infections. No new infections, that’s their goal.

Reporter: But there are cases of new infections.

Mr. Gao: How can I say it … the virus ‘obeys’ the regime. If the regime says there are no new cases, then there will be ‘no new cases.’ The virus will not listen to the capitalists, but the socialists, in the party’s view.

Reporter: This is frightening if it continues on like this.

Mr. Gao: True, but there’s no other way. We live in fear, fear of getting sick from someone who is infected or a carrier.

People are now starting to use common sense. No gatherings, no parties, no wandering around in public.

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