Wuhan Man Dies After Contracting CCP Virus from Neighbor Who Was Released From Hospital

April 6, 2020 Updated: July 23, 2020

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A Wuhan man in his 40s and in good health developed symptoms after chatting with a neighbor who had recently been discharged from a COVID-19 treatment facility. The man then experienced a mild fever and coughing. He later passed away.

People in Wuhan, be careful! Be careful! I have a cousin who just passed away last night. He had a neighbor who just came back from a makeshift hospital a few days ago. He went over to chat with the neighbor. After that he felt like he had a cold two days later. He thought he had a cold. He also had a little cough, and yesterday he had a slight fever. Then, all of a sudden, he passed away last night!

Be careful, guys. (As I just said), He has already died! What’s the point of looking for a driver to help him! It only took one hour. He told his sister that he was feeling a little sick. An hour later, when his sister called to check on him, it was the doctor who answered, saying he had already died. The doctor asked the sister to come and bid him farewell. But the sister didn’t dare go. The doctor told her that if she didn’t come, her brother would be cremated the next day. He didn’t even have a chance to go to the hospital. He just called his sister at 11 o’clock last night and said he wasn’t feeling so well. It only took one hour. He had a cough and a slight fever. He thought it was a cold, he was saying he had a cold. He was in his 40s. He was in good health.

Chinese state media have made a fanfare praising Wuhan’s makeshift hospitals, assuring Chinese people that all patients released from these hospitals have fully recovered. State media even emphasized that all patients must test negative twice before being discharged.