Wuhan Fears Recurring Outbreak From the Lingering Virus

By Mary Hong
Mary Hong
Mary Hong
Mary Hong has contributed to The Epoch Times since 2020. She has reported on Chinese human rights issues and politics.
April 3, 2020 Updated: April 3, 2020

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According to the March 21st daily briefing by the CCP National Health Commission on the CCP virus (which causes the COVID-19 disease), “Hubei reported no new cases of confirmed infections, no new cases of suspected infections,” and “There were no suspected cases.”

However, citizens are worried that the lingering virus could cause another outbreak.

Reporter: There are online videos of people saying that the situation is still very bad. Is it?

Mr. Wang: Yesterday, I read on WeChat about sporadic confirmed cases. It was said that there zero new cases of infection, but in fact, it’s not zero.

Reporter: Are you worried?

Mr. Wang: We are all definitely worried. The main worry is recurring positive cases, that’s the scariest part, and science knows nothing about it. It is said online that frontline doctors have described this virus as rogue. They said that the symptoms are a combination of SARS and HIV.

Reporter: Was it true that more than 10,000 people in the makeshift hospitals were cured? Where are those people now? Did anyone find out?

Mr. Wang: No one would dare to claim a patient is recovered. According to frontline doctors, this virus can’t be cleared from the body. The virus remains dormant after treatment. The patient will relapse when the temperature or conditions are in favor of the virus. That means there’s no guarantee of a total recovery for the infected. People with this viral infection can still be carriers.

Reporter: The lockdown has been lifted and people can go out. Isn’t it dangerous with carriers around?

Mr. Wang: This is the problem. A Health Code is required to go to the supermarket. The Alipay app on your smartphone includes a function that shows your activity. Once the social security fund is activated for service at a hospital or pharmacy, the Health Code will change color, (I believe) three different colors. We have seen online that those who got out of the makeshift hospitals are equipped with a watch-like bracelet on their wrist or leg. It’s very obvious.

Reporter: What does it mean?

Mr. Wang: It means that you will keep your distance from that person when you see the bracelet.803

Reporter: But without isolation, this activity on the street can be a risk to others.

Mr. Wang: Well, the patient has tested negative. They should be restricted at home, but how can you enforce it? There’s no such measure.

Reporter: It looks like the situation is really dangerous in Wuhan.

Mr. Wang: I think this virus will change the lives of mankind fundamentally in the following two years, not only for people inside China, but people all over the world. In other countries, presently it is still the initial stage of outbreak, it will last for a while. People in other countries will likely come to understand how ferocious this virus is some time later.

Reporter: Some people predicted that in the near future, there may be another round just like the situation in January. What do you think?

Mr. Wang: It’s difficult to say. Local residents started to pay attention to the epidemic control measures in late January. We are very careful about human-to-human contacts. Therefore, there were very few big family gatherings. If there is another round, it won’t be as uncontrollable as the situation in January. I am almost certain about that. It may happen locally, on a small scale.

However, if the new outbreak is caused by those who have been healed, that means this virus is really horrendous. Therefore, whether mankind can completely eliminate this virus, whether patients can completely recover, we will only find the answer after an effective vaccine or medicine has been developed. It is hard to tell at this stage.

Reporter: Now the issue is that without this quarantine, and without further testing to confirm infections, it could be misleading to other provinces. As for Wuhan residents, it’s as dangerous as a timebomb, isn’t it?

Mr. Wang: That’s for sure, but there’s no other way. We must get back to work. The Chinese people have been living in poverty. The CCP has been robbing us with taxes and fees on a regular basis. Not long ago, there was online data that showed nearly 520 million Chinese don’t have any savings. We must return to work even at the risk of falling ill again. There’s a huge financial burden. There are also other life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Life needs to continue if the virus is to be controlled.

Mary Hong
Mary Hong has contributed to The Epoch Times since 2020. She has reported on Chinese human rights issues and politics.