Would you Like a Corsage With That? Company Rolls Out Drive-Thru Prom Event

March 15, 2021 Updated: March 15, 2021

They say you can get just about anything at a drive-thru these days, and now the saying even holds true for high school proms.

Prom on Wheels, a mile-long, outdoor drive-thru celebration, will launch next month with the goal of giving high school seniors a memorable sendoff during the pandemic.

Organized by First Class Events and Night of Lights OC, the drive-thru experience will feature an arrival through a glowing 120-foot red-carpet tunnel. The grand entrance is followed by interactive theme sets with audio show elements synced with lights, performances, shadow dancers, and special effects.

Cars will then make their way to the second zone, where a live DJ will pump music through a select FM channel in each car, coordinating the beat to pulsing lights, video screens, lasers, and fog.

Attendees will then drive into the coronation stage of the event.

“This experience is going to be a prom the likes of we’ve never seen before,” Hollie Keeton, president of First Class Events, told The Epoch Times.

“We’re pouring everything that would normally take place over a demographic of maybe 30 venues and taking all of that and putting it into one nucleus, which is geared specifically for high school prom.”

Keeton said that while most proms range from $25,000 to $100,000, Prom on Wheels will be a multimillion-dollar production.

A Night to Remember

The event will be customized for each school, and will feature school-themed logos and graphics on LED monitors throughout the route.

Based at the Orange County Fair and Events Center, the celebration will also include a celebration to the year’s prom king and queen. A trip to the disco ball exit tunnel, which simulates the last dance, is also in order.

The experience concludes with a prom photo, where attendees will be allowed to get out of their car and take a photo in their tuxes and dresses only with members in their car only. Attendees will be allowed to take their masks off for the picture.

It might not be a typical prom for graduating students, but Keeton said that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“This is an opportunity for all those kids that feel awkward or don’t have a date, or they’re not the popular kid … [it] takes all of that pressure away,” she said. “It’s just about getting in your car. We hope that we were able to really touch a lot of today’s high school students that wouldn’t normally participate.”

The event will also feature select days that are open to the public, themed with nostalgic nights for different eras of prom throughout the past century.

The class of 2020 is welcome to join in the experience, Keeton said.

“We want to … give those kids who danced in front of the zoom camera … an opportunity to come out and engage with those memories that they thought had passed them by,” she said.

The event runs April 15 through June 5.

Tickets range from $79 per car for up to five passengers, and $99 per car for up to eight passengers.

Attendees in cars will need to wear masks when their windows are down, and when exiting and entering their vehicles.

For more information, visit the PromOnWheels.com.