Victoria Police Officer Stood Down After Arrest Allegedly Injures Man

Victoria Police Officer Stood Down After Arrest Allegedly Injures Man
The Victoria police logo in Melbourne, Australia, on March 24, 2016. (Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
Alex Joseph

A Victoria police officer has been suspended and a 32-year-old man is in a medically-induced coma after police allegedly gave the man a blow to the head.

In a police statement to The Epoch Times on Sept. 15 Victorian Police said, "A senior constable from the Critical Incident Response Team was last night suspended following his involvement in a protracted incident which commenced at the Northern Hospital at Epping on Sunday, Sept. 13."

"Professional Standards Command continue to investigate the matter and are currently assessing all available information," Victoria Police said calling for anyone who may have witnessed or have footage of the incident to contact Crime Stoppers.

On Sept. 13 a man was confronted by police as he left the emergency ward of Epping Northern Hospital after waiting for a psychiatric unit bed.

Social media footage from multiple angles shows the man running from the police in the middle of the road. Then a police vehicle is seen carrying out a ramming attack sending him to the ground, and a scuffle ensuing.

Four police officers then tackle him across to the curb-side. Footage shows one officer raising his knee to waist height and lowering his foot down with force onto the man's head.

Following the incident, the Victorian man was taken to hospital where he was put under a medically-induced coma while undergoing a treatment.

On Sept. 14  the man's father, Glenn Atkins, explained the man suffered from bipolar disorder and had been seeking treatment at the hospital.

Atkins called for the officer who kicked his son's head to be sacked, saying, "The police had no right to do what they did."

Upon seeing the footage of the incident, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said that it needs further attention.

"It needs to investigated," he said at a CCP virus daily update on Sept. 15.

"That officer being stood down is the appropriate step to take, and I will leave Vic police to comment in any further detail."

Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O'Brien said that he was concerned about increasingly aggressive tactics from Victoria police during the CCP virus pandemic.

"That fact that this fellow was apparently knocked down by a car and then had his head stomped on, that's not the sort of thing that should happen to any Victorian," O'Brien said.