Thousands March in Toronto Against Lockdowns

Thousands March in Toronto Against Lockdowns
In a file photo, demonstrators march at a protest against COVID-19 restrictions, in Peterborough, Ont., on April 24, 2021. Several anti-lockdown protests were held in different cities in Canada on May 15. (The Canadian Press/Fred Thornhill)

Thousands of people marched in downtown Toronto on May 15 to call for an end to COVID-19 lockdown measures.

The protest was part of the “World Wide Rally for Freedom” that was marked in other Canadian cities as well, including Ottawa.

“The government is simply not listening and the media is not letting up. While this protest is not going to change everything, showing up in numbers will show that the consensus is shifting and send a clear signal to the rest of the population that it is time to: END THE LOCKDOWN!” says the Facebook page for the Toronto event.

“This is an inclusive event for all. Plenty of space for those who want to physically distance and yes please come even if you want to wear a mask!”

The protests were held as the Ontario government extended its stay-at-home order until June 2.

Former MP and People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier spoke to the crowd at the Toronto event.

“We must defend our Western civilization values, our rights, our freedoms, against all of these authoritarian governments that are taking it away from us,” he said.

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