Spanish Police Recovers Over 8,000 Pounds of Stolen Oranges from 3 Vehicles

Spanish Police Recovers Over 8,000 Pounds of Stolen Oranges from 3 Vehicles
Holly Kellum

Police thought something was fishy this past weekend when a caravan of three vehicles abruptly turned down a dirt road in Seville, Spain, after seeing the patrol vehicle up ahead.

The patrol pursued the three vehicles on a short chase and was eventually able to stop two of them: a compact car and a van.

Rather than fish though, oranges poured out of the vehicles when officers opened them to see what was inside.

Police later found another compact vehicle that had been with the caravan. It too was full of stolen oranges, they reported.

There were over 8,800 pounds of unlabelled loose and packaged oranges in the vehicles, and according to the Seville Police, the occupants of the vehicles could not clearly explain how they obtained them.

They failed to produce any receipts for them, and when police asked them how the fruit came into their possession, they said they “came from far away and had been collected from the ground,” according to Europa Press.

The Press also reported that a boat that was carrying fruit in Carmona, about 20 miles northwest of Seville, had reported theft of oranges hours earlier.

Police arrested five people in relation to the theft: a couple who was driving in one of the vehicles with one of their sons, and two brothers in another of the vehicles.

The occupants of the third vehicle were gone by the time police found it.

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