Police Shots Heard Live on Melbourne Radio

Police Shots Heard Live on Melbourne Radio
A general view of police tape in Melbourne, Australia, on Nov. 9, 2018. (Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

A man carrying a knife has been shot by police in Melbourne's east, with the terrifying incident heard live on radio.

Victoria Police has confirmed the man was shot in the upper body. He has been airlifted to hospital.

A talkback caller identified as Pauline called 3AW shortly after 9am and was describing the scene at the Lilydale markets when a volley of shots was heard in the background.

"Oh s***—they are shooting. There's just been three or four rounds," she said.

Victoria Police have released a statement saying members were called to a man armed with an edged weapon on Hutchinson Street around 8.30 a.m.

"A police firearm was discharged and the man received an injury to the upper body," the statement said.

Ambulance Victoria also have released a statement, saying the man is in a serious condition.

The talkback caller did not see the shooting, but was describing the confrontation when the shots were heard.

She had said the man was walking near the Lilydale Markets, adding police were telling him to put down the knife.

Just before the shots she said there were five police involved, with more arriving, plus an ambulance was parked nearby.

"He didn't seem agitated," she said after the shots were fired.

"He was just wandering, I don't know if he meant to do anything.

"He wasn't in an agitated state. He wasn't waving the knife, he was just holding it.

"I don't know what he did to cause them to let loose with gunshots."

Asked if she was okay, the woman replied "[it's] life these days, isn't it?"

Video footage has also been posted on Facebook, showing a man holding a knife and talking to police.

Three police members can be seen in the video.

Victoria Police said the incident is under investigation and Professional Standards Commands have oversight.

By Roger Vaughan