Ontario Man Walking Dog Shot at 13 Times After Gesturing to Passing Car to Slow Down

Ontario Man Walking Dog Shot at 13 Times After Gesturing to Passing Car to Slow Down
The crest of the York Regional Police on the headquarters building in Aurora, Ontario, on Sept. 15, 2020. (Shutterstock)
Marnie Cathcart
York Regional Police (YRP) released a video Wednesday of a white car allegedly involved in what officers called a “cowardly, violent” drive-by shooting on Feb. 12, which left a 65-year-old man walking his dog riddled with multiple bullets.

On Feb. 14, police provided more details of the random attack, which occurred at 8:40 a.m. in Schomberg, a small hamlet of about 2,000 people approximately 65 kilometres northwest of Toronto, Ontario.

Police said the victim was walking his dog and gestured at a vehicle that passed him going at a high rate of speed on the quiet residential road. The driver turned around and a passenger in the front seat opened fire on the man, shooting him multiple times.

The suspects fled at a high rate of speed, and police hope the video will result in witnesses coming forward. YRP is also requesting video surveillance or dashcam footage from anyone in the area.

Police said up to two suspects may have been in the white vehicle, described as possibly a four-door Lexus RX 350, and described the shooter as a male with light brown or tanned skin, according to a statement from the Township of King on Feb. 14.

Inspector Jim Killby of the YRP told a news conference on Tuesday that the shooting stunned police officers.

“This was a cowardly act, a cowardly, violent act, against a victim who was doing nothing more than enjoying the morning and walking his dog in the area for exercise,” he said.

“This wasn’t a simple case of somebody getting cut off. This was an individual that rolled down his window and fired 13 rounds at an individual that was walking down a road.

“It’s not a road rage incident. This is attempted murder. And our victim is lucky to be alive.”

Police did not say if all 13 bullets struck the victim, only that the victim is in critical condition.