Pay War Disrupting Netball World Cup Preparations

Pay War Disrupting Netball World Cup Preparations
Liz Watson of the Australian Diamonds and Phoenix Karaka of the Silver Ferns during game two of the Constellation Cup series between the New Zealand Silver Ferns and the Australia Diamonds at TrustPower Arena in Tauranga, New Zealand on Oct. 16, 2022. (Mark Tantrum/Getty Images)

Netball Australia insists it is yet to hear back from the player’s union after tabling a fresh offer to end the messy pay dispute that has begun disrupting World Cup preparations.

The Diamonds’ squad for next month’s World Cup in South Africa was meant to be announced on Tuesday.

But NA boss Kelly Ryan said the squad cannot be confirmed until negotiations with the Australian Netball Players’ Association are completed and new contracts are signed.

“We are committed to negotiations, but netball as a whole is not in a financial position to meet further demands without damaging the future of the sport,” Ryan said.

“We have been open and transparent about Netball Australia’s financial position and the $4.2 million debt currently held.

“ANPA are insisting on a revenue share in the CPA (Collective Player Agreement), which an independent report has shown isn’t viable in netball.

“Netball Australia tabled its latest offer on May 18. As a sign of good faith, last week we offered an upside provision should the sport overachieve its metrics in the next three years. We are yet to receive a response to this offer.”

Ryan said she understood the impact of delaying the squad announcement had on players.

“We are fully invested in doing all we can to support the players now and through the 2023 Netball World Cup – a significant moment for all who represent their country.

“Netball Australia must uphold good governance standards and cannot commit to selecting players or announcing a squad before contracts are signed.”

Former Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander called NA’s decision a “powerplay”.

“At the end of the day, the players shouldn’t be held to ransom over this,” she told SEN.

“This is outrageous behaviour, in my opinion, from Netball Australia.

“They (NA) can use their power, but then the players have a right also to state they’re not happy with it.”

The Diamonds are desperate to reclaim the crown they lost in 2019 when they went down to New Zealand by a goal in the final.

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