NSW Police Arrest 25 People in Firearms Crackdown

NSW Police Arrest 25 People in Firearms Crackdown
Three police officers have been injured while trying to arrest a man with a knife in Sydney's CBD. (Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Thirteen firearms have been seized and 25 people arrested during a NSW Police operation after a string of shootings in southwestern Sydney.

Twelve shootings, including five in public places, have been reported in the region since the beginning of August.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott said Operation Clampdown, which has been underway since September 3, sends a warning that gun violence won’t be tolerated.

“Their reckless actions show a flagrant disregard for community safety and this government will not tolerate this vigilante behaviour,” he said.

“For the past week police have sent a powerful message to any person that continues to flout the law - you can expect to be arrested and you will be put before the courts,” he said.

Police said on Sept 16 they had charged 25 people with 42 offences and executed searches at 54 properties.

Officers seized 13 firearms including seven pistols and a homemade gun.

They also seized cash, an electronic stun gun, knives, knuckle dusters, ammunition and outlaw bikie gang colours.