Five Police Officers Forcibly Detain Woman During Arrest at Melbourne Beach

Five Police Officers Forcibly Detain Woman During Arrest at Melbourne Beach
Victoria Police patrol at St Kilda beach in Melbourne, Australia on Oct. 3, 2020. (Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)
Alex Joseph
Victoria Police became involved in an altercation with beach-goers during an arrest of a woman who was allegedly breaking the Victorian's Chief Health Officer's health orders imposed to stop the spread of the CCP virus.

Authorities on patrol at Altona beach, Melbourne on Oct. 3 confronted a group of women and children who allegedly were not wearing masks.

In a police statement to The Epoch Times, the Victorian police alleged members of the group became aggressive upon being questioned with one female refusing to provide her name and address.

Due to this non-compliance, police had reason to arrest her under section 189 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (State of Emergency and Other Matters) Bill.
Video captured of the incident showed that the woman's children looked on while a crowd formed around the five officers detaining the woman on the ground.

Another woman remonstrating with an officer—identified in the video clip as the first woman's sister—who allegedly was pregnant, was blocked and pushed away by an officer.

Victoria Police noted, the first woman who was arrested was later identified and found to be in breach of the five-kilometre travel restriction.

For violating the health directions, she was issued with three infringement notices and released while several others also received fines.

"Police will be conducting follow up investigations in relation to the incident and other activity at the beach yesterday to ensure any further breaches of the Chief Health Officer are appropriately dealt with," a statement said.

"Victoria Police will continue to proactively patrol public spaces and will not hesitate to fine those who clearly and blatantly breach the directions of the Chief Health Officer."

According to daily COVID-19 crime statistics, 186 infringements were issued over the weekend. Due to sunny weather in Melbourne, several of these fines were for people travelling beyond 5km to go to the beach.

The arrest on Altona beach comes as the Victorian government imposed a new fine against unlawful gatherings. Recently released crime statistics find COVID-19 penalties as the second-highest crime with over 6,000 Pubic Health and Safety offences being recorded.

Premier Daniel Andrews has been asked about COVID-19 infringements more frequently in daily press conferences following many incidents circulating social media and protests.

At a COVID update on Oct. 5, Andrews said he would prefer fines didn't exist but are needed to maintain order.

"There have been many more warnings over the journey that have been issued than fines, I would think," he said. "I think the vast majority of Melbournians know that by following the rules, they will come off quicker."