Crane Collapses on Milan Building Amid Hailstorm

Crane Collapses on Milan Building Amid Hailstorm
A giant crane collapsed on top of a six-story building in Milan, Italy, on July 27, 2021. (Italian Firefighters Handout via AP/Screenshot via The Epoch Times)
The Associated Press

Milan—A giant crane collapsed on a six-story building in Milan on Monday following a violent hailstorm that hit northern Italy.

The storm also caused the temporary closure of the A1 highway due to hundreds of damaged vehicles with destroyed windshields in the rescue lane.

Firefighters were at work on Tuesday to secure the area around the high building where the crane collapsed in the Rozzano area on the outskirts of Milan.

According to firefighters’ reports, nobody was injured when it collapsed and all the people in the 30 apartments in the building were immediately evacuated.

A number of people were hurt while traveling on the A1 highway, mainly by glass shards from cracked windscreens. No one is believed to have been seriously injured.