World-Renowned Taiwanese Soprano: Powerful Vocals by Shen Yun Soloists

March 25, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
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Gloria Su talks about her Shen Yun experience, on the evening of March 24. (Zhi-Qing Zhu/The Epoch Times)

TAIPEI, Taiwan—A normal Saturday evening on March 24, in breezy downtown Taipei turned into cultural festivity at Dr. Sun Yat-sun Memorial Hall where Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company performed for the seventh time in five days.

In attendance with a personal album to her credit was Gloria Su, who was all praise for the Shen Yun solo vocalists. She said she was extremely impressed by the bel canto style presented. “Every one of them sang with power,” she said of the award-winning tenors and soprano.

Gloria Su, who performs in the United States and Asia, was enthralled by the magnificent beauty of the Shen Yun performance. She said, “Every single program had its uniqueness. … I was completely absorbed by it! The dancing was wonderful, as well as the music and lighting. I think this was one-of-a-kind. The overall presentation with music, dancing and backdrop, it was simply a rare beauty.”

Ms. Su commented on the impeccable unison between the dance and music. “The mere combination of classical Chinese dance with such lively music was already wonderful. And the overall production was very moving as well.

“The bel canto style of singing was outstanding. The soloists really immersed themselves into the lyrics. Based on their voice and expression, each soloist has their unique character. The music put forth by these [soloists] was really powerful. Every one of them had participated in vocal competitions and was extremely professional. It was wonderful to witness such a performance.”

Ms. Su was impressed by the digitally animated backdrop, which is a unique feature of Shen Yun. She said, “The technology was wonderful. With animation, the performers simply vanished. It was so real. The transition between the backdrop and the stage was flawless.”

Having studied music for a long time, Ms. Su praised the music component of the performance: “Whether it was the technique, the piano, or the live orchestra, everything was done professionally. It was superb. The attitude of every single soloist and performer commands respect.”

Gloria Su said she found the overall performance very meaningful. She commented: “The music itself was beautiful and when it was combined with the dance, a spiritual message was delivered that could be beneficial to the heart and soul. … I think the performance tonight is very meaningful.”

Reporting by Zhi-Qing Zhu and Frank Fang

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