To Fulfill Her Dream of Becoming a Mother, This Woman Stops Breast Cancer Treatment to Give Birth to Baby Girl

April 8, 2019 Updated: April 9, 2019

When Meghan Koziel fell pregnant she knew a miracle had happened. All her life she had dreamed of the day she would start a family, but for a time it looked as though that would never happen.

You see, in 2015, two weeks before her wedding day, Meghan was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was news that shocked her, her husband-to-be John, and her whole family. When her treatment was about to start, she learned that though the chemotherapy would likely save her life, it could destroy her fertility.

So she decided to undergo egg retrieval surgery before the chemo began, because her ovaries would temporarily shut down during the therapy, and there was a chance they wouldn’t recover.

After two difficult years, aggressive treatment and a double mastectomy, Meghan was finally cancer free. Not long after, a miracle happened. “John! It’s for real!” She fell pregnant.

Her pregnancy meant she would have to go off the drugs that regulated her hormones and worked to prevent the cancer from reoccurring. By going ahead with the pregnancy she was putting her life at risk.

However, she and John were eternally optimistic. “I refuse to live in fear and second guess how I want to live my life just because my cancer may or not come back,” she said. “The way I see it, if my cancer is meant to come back, it will, no matter if I get pregnant or not. I will fight, just like I did before.”

In September 2018 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kendra Jane. Finally, her dream of starting a family had come true. Though she wasn’t able to nurse Kendra she didn’t let it stop her enjoying being a new mom. She even put a sign up in her hospital room to raise awareness as a cancer survivor.

Watch the video to see her amazing story unfold and discover the message on her sign!

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