Woman Who Survived 2012 Aurora Shooting Dies ‘Unexpectedly’

December 7, 2017 Updated: December 7, 2017

A woman who survived the 2012 shooting at a Colorado movie theater that left 12 people dead died unexpected on Sunday, reports said.

Heather Snyder, 31, went to see “The Dark Knight” in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater on July 20, 2012, when shooter James Holmes entered the building and shot 12 people while injuring about 70 more.

Rick Snyder, her father, told The Denver Post that his daughter’s death “was totally unexpected.” The cause of death was not determined during an initial autopsy, and family members might have to wait a few weeks, Fox31 reported.

Heather Snyder was injured in the shooting, losing her middle finger and index finger. She was also haunted by the incident.

“She never totally recovered from it,” he told the paper.

The woman went on to have a daughter, and she later testified against Holmes in court.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh, my god! What is going on?’” she recalled, describing when gunshots rang out.

“When you have a wonderful human being that is a support system for everyone that can light up your day, and they’re taken from you, it’s not easy. It’s very difficult,” Larry Martinez, a family friend, told Fox31.

“Not knowing, the unknown. It’s like being in a black hole or outer space. You just don’t know what has gone on. And just hopefully getting to a closure, determining what had gone on,” Martinez added.

A GoFundMe page was set up for Snyder’s family. In the shooting, “her friends died and more were injured, as was she. Her body healed and she quickly learned to live without two of her fingers,” the page reads.

“The brightest light in her life was her daughter Kennedy. Always laughing, babbling, spinning in circles and laughing again. She and her father Kyle are going to have a long hard time recovering and moving on,” the page said.

Holmes received 12 consecutive life sentences as well as 3,318 years for the mass shooting.


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