Woman ‘Vanishes’ During Live TV Broadcast

March 17, 2016 Updated: November 10, 2017

A woman’s disappearing act on live television has left many people wondering what happened.

The video was aired on Sports Center on Norwegian television network TV2 when a woman who stood in the background vanished behind another woman.

It was captured as a reporter was conducting an interview in an airport.

As a woman walks past a luggage trolley, the second woman who was standing behind her seemingly vanishes.

While some said it was magic, others said that she walked behind the other woman. “Look at her feet, you can see her walk away,” one viewer said, according to the Mirror.

The clip, uploaded to Imgur, has been viewed millions of times now.

“That’s some serious precision, but you can barely see her disappear behind the other girl, almost unnoticeable,” wrote one. “Perspective is a [helluva] drug,” added another.