Woman Throws a Fit Over McDonald’s Apple Pie, Gets Arrested

February 25, 2019 Updated: February 25, 2019

Hopes for a sweet treat landed a woman in jail when she lost her temper and was arrested over an apple pie.

Ana Luisa Guity-Baltazar, 32, ordered an apple pie at a McDonald’s in Covington, Georgia, on Feb. 17. She was told it wasn’t ready and that she’d have to wait about five minutes.

She expected to get the snack for free to compensate for the wait. But when the employee, upon handing her the tasty pastry, told her that she’d still have to pay, she became furious.

“[She] starts screaming and using profanity at the employee, aggressively walking toward her, punching her fist into her hand,” Covington Police Officer Justin Stott said, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

The news station reported that at one point during the dispute she threw the apple pie at an employee.

Later, police arrived at the fast-food restaurant on Highway 278 around 8:40 p.m., according to a police report sighted by The Covington News.

When Sgt. Allan Seebaran arrived, he reportedly saw that Guity-Baltazar had stopped her car in the drive-thru lane and was talking to the restaurant manager. She then pulled into a parking spot upon seeing his police car.

Guity-Baltazar reportedly emerged from her car and walked toward the manager. While pointing at the manager, she told the police officer that she wanted to press charges.

“If I pay for apple [expletive] pie that means I get my money back,” Guity-Baltazar reportedly said, according to The Covington News.

The police officer subsequently stopped the woman from advancing toward the manager. He then arrested her for disorderly conduct.

Temper tantrum:McDonald’s customer flies into rage over apple pie not being ready, gets arrested…Apple pie becomes a…

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More Than $800 for Apple Pie

The apple pie would have cost $1.06. But Guity-Baltazar will have to pay so much more after she failed to rein in her temper, police told Fox 5 Atlanta.

“A dollar and six for an apple pie versus an $837 disorderly conduct citation,” said Stott. “Her car was towed too so you can stack a tow charge on top of that.”

The tow charge is expected to be another couple of hundred of dollars, according to Stott.

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A friend of the McDonald’s employees expressed disbelief upon hearing the story.

“It’s just crazy, over a dollar apple pie, I mean really?” Trey Terrell told the news station. “People have lost their minds.

Terrell added, “She needs to go to church and find Jesus.”

The police report said that Guilty-Baltazar was sent to Newton County Jail for a night. She also received a trespass warning telling her to stay away from the fast-food restaurant.

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