Woman Stabbed 54 Times: Man Gets Life Imprisonment

March 28, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Woman stabbed 54 times: A Michigan man was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing a woman 54 times, leading to her death.


A Michigan man was sentenced to life imprisonment for dropping a television on his neighbor’s head before he stabbed her 54 times, killing her.

The jury on Wednesday only took 15 minutes to convict Lashon T. Hollman, of Saginaw, Mich., who stabbed Cassandra Nelson in her home last February, MLive.com reported. He got a mandatory life sentence without the chance for parole.  

Nelson’s body was discovered in apartment on Feb. 2, 2012 after she was not heard from in two days. Nelson was knocked unconscious and stopped breathing and was left to drown in her own blood, County Medical Examiner Kanu Virani testified in court. Virani also said her head injury was “quite bad.”

Hollman, 21, was convicted of murder, torture, and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent. When the verdict was read to him, he lowered his head and cried.

His attorney, Matthew Frey, told The Associated Press that there were “unexplainable details that don’t make sense” in the case.

Quamay Henne, the former best friend of Hollman, testified last year that Hollman told him he “stabbed the (expletive) out of her,” according to MLive. He was used as a “very key witness” in the trial, the website said.

Michigan State police experts said they found Hollman’s DNA on a bloody knife underneath a box spring in Nelson’s bedroom. His DNA was also found on a can of beer next to Nelson’s body.

When he was questioned, Hollman had said that he not seen Nelson “for one or two months,” but another neighbor testified that he saw the two together on the evening of Jan. 30 or Jan. 31 of last year.

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