‘Woman Shows Her Dress to Her Husbands Mistress in Mall Crazy Footage’ is a Facebook Scam

February 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook post claiming “graphic” footage of an angry woman “show[ing] here dress” to a mistress of her husband is nothing more than a poorly worded Facebook scam.

The post has a photo of a woman in a parking lot with a YouTube-style play button over it.

There’s no video, but when users click on the post, they’ll get redirected to a fake Facebook-look-alike website that asks the user to share the post before going further. This ensures that the viral post is shared.

“OMG What you see below in the following video is really surprising is that a very pained to learn that her husband is unfaithful wife who finds walking hand in hand with a young, angry and reacts violently ripping the dress to the lover and then ran away in the shopping center and in front of everyo…,” the post reads.

If you see this post appear on your timeline, it is recommended to report it to Facebook. If you’ve shared it, it is recommended that you delete it.

“The scam will trick you into ‘liking’ and sharing it, which the cybercriminals behind it will benefit from. There is no video, so do not share it. Cybercriminals will use graphic or fake images, which they claim is a video, to trick gullible Facebook users into clicking on, thinking they will be able to view the video depicted by the image,” reads a post by Online Threat Alerts.